Nick van 't End - Chi Kung, Photo by Evelien Buynsters

Chi Kung Dance

Next to Chi Kung workshops, I also teach an unique combination of Chi Kung and Dance.

Within Chi Kung there are postures, subtle movements, breathing and meditation techniques to keep the body healthy and in balance and to go with nature, the flow of life, the TAO.
TAO or DAO is the natural order of the universe and thus nature; And so within the practice, with your own nature, the universe, you are retraining yourself to realign with your true self.

Many people know Tai Chi and Kung Fu, even more subtle movements you get Chi Kung. It can be seen as a mediation. Chi Kung can be seen as the root of Tai Chi and Kung Fu, within Chi Kung you stand as a tree. Chi Kung has several forms in which meridian stretches for self-healing are invoked. Chi Kung works like the TCM with the Chinese 5 Elements. The very beautiful subtle movements  within Tai Chi & Chi Kung can be compared to a meditative dance. The combination with dance is therefore a perfect combo to play with energy and where we are going to learn how to cultivate that even more.

Learn a playful dance where you open meridians / energy pathways during the dance and make yourself extra vital.

Come and play, dance and promote your own health at the Chi Kung Dance workshops!

Many workshops are given for the Lotus Tribe (Gatherings), Eigentijdse Jongeren and Eigentijds Nederland where aware and spiritual people come together to grow and heal with me.

Nick - Chi Kung - Eigentijdse Jongeren zomer Festival 2018- Photo by Evelien Buynsters

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