Covid – 19 Self-Care


My Covid-19 self-care

By Author: Nick van ‘t End, Msc, Shiatsu Therapist, Holistic Healer.


'There are many natural ways' is the quote I got to conduct a list of all the stuff that I have at home to help me heal and take good care of myself during Covid-19 flu, which I had from 19th of Juli till the 4th of August. I will describe all the aspects I undertook and give a little bit of insight into the development of symptoms I had.


My Covid-19 self-care & self healing list

- water, water, water (just drink lots of water)
- Oil flush, Rinse your mouth with oil, some say Coconut, but I prefer cold pressed Olive Oil
- Baking soda 4 times a day half an hour before meals
- CBD oil, on empty stomach in the morning and just before bed [6]
- Curcuma, in every meal
- Gensink, to support kidney strength, I have them in pills and it says how much per day on the package
- Honey, preferably on a cracker and not in the tea, because most of the workable substances are still present then
- Lung supporting tea, also nettle tea
- Spirulina & Maccha powders for extra power.
- Easily digestible soups, broth, with some extra herbs in it, such as:
- Thyme

- Rosemary
- Fennel seeds
- Pepper, a little extra for the lungs
- Even more good for the liver
- Garlic
- Onion
- Leek

- Celery
- Ginger
- Lemon

A lot of food from the Earth (Spleen Qi) and Metal (Lung Qi) elements [2], check google for more foods within this category. Every meal should be warm, and especially soup is warm and easily to digest, very good for the Spleen Qi, Spleen likes warm and hates cold foods. So try to skip the so called healthy smoothies, they are counteracting the healing process.

Vitamins - [5]
- Zinc / Selenium, max 50 mg per day

- Vitamin C 1000, up to max 8000 mg per day
- If the sun is out and your fever has not set in yet, sitting in the sun, Vitamin D, Without the sun Vitamin D: max 150µg per day 6000 IU
- L-lysine amino acid, 30 min before the first meal
- Magnesium / B6 before bedtime

- Echinacea extract and or tea
- Cranberry extract

So moisture is good for the lungs
- Made a bowl with water with tea lights underneath

- added: A.Vogel, Cinuforce steam drops (for hanging above) to open up the longs.
- Later for the room: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Lavender

Acupuncture / Shiatsu / TCM - [1]
- Moxa and pressure points on: St 36, Sp 3, Li 4, Lu 9, Lu 7, CV 6 & 8. (points for Prevention Phase, Influenza Phase, Pneumonia Phase [1])
- Chinese Herbs: Because of my constitution and previous health conditions I know that Damp Cold would be the way to go with the Chinese Herbs, if you do not know consult an Acupuncturist who also has a degree in Chinese Herbs.

Influenza Phase: Damp Cold Formula #1

Pneumonia Phase: Pneumonia Formula #1

In the end I only took the Pneumonia Phase: Pneumonia Formula #1, which I think helped me, I do not have a control group, so sorry it could have been a placebo effect as well.

Do in / Yoga & Chi Kung
- Especially stretches especially the lung and earth

What also helped was: Slightly tapping on the chest

Chi Kung: 8 Brocades Qigong Practice:

Body scan & Sound healing
- sometimes with light circular breathing
- Chanting – especially the A sound and A + i for the Chest and throat

Bodyscan I used:

Move lightly & take a cold shower. In the Pneumonia Phase I got chills with fever, and a lot more aversion to cold, so I moved to longer warmer showers.

In meditation I noticed that it was mainly on the lungs and throat.
- So I grab the Shaman drum every now and then and stick to this area
- Vicks / Vaporub in that spot

Meditation - on light, love and gratitude. <3


tea light

Implementation daily routine

Trying to sleep from 9am, exhausted, but sleep very badly. Later I already was in bed at 19.30, because I was totally exhausted.

I have now put the protocol in order that works well for me. Of course you can also apply it in any other order or pick out what works best for you.


19-07-2021 Day 0

Very tired.

20-07-2021 Day 1

Extremely tired and it felt like I had a strange kind of energy in my body. My sleep is very light and it takes even though I am very tired, ages to get to sleep.

21-07-2021 Day 2

21e, dry cough, sore throat, a bit dizzy, head not quite clear, heavy head, heavy chest throat, sometimes shortness of breath. EVENING: transition to phase 2: chills, headache (Used GB points which helped a bit), feel really sick, can't sleep again, cold while it is 25 degrees in the room, fall apart, do feel hot in the lungs. Fever-like symptoms.

22-07-2021 Day 3

Every day I more or less did this schedule, or any different, depending on how I felt that day.

The only things I really needed to change was to not be outside anymore, with the Fever I couldn’t handle the sun. And the cold showers needed to be warm showers now. Here are some slight changes or things I did different, but the overall aspects remained the same.

1. Oil Rinsing (Olive Oil)

2. Brushing your teeth (spitting out oil and rinsing your mouth)

3. CBD oil

4. Fixing the evaporation unit (Eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass and lavender)

5. Meal fixing (breakfast / afternoon) (can also be done during oil rinsing), Soup.

6. Take water with baking soda (and lemon/lime)

7. Do in, Yoga, Chi kung session

8. Take a cold shower, rinse with salt solution.

9. L-Lysine (30 min before meals)

10. Vitamin C Solution in Water (Best Drink with Reusable Straw)

11. Start with breakfast (Soup, with - Thyme, Rosemary, Fennel seeds, Pepper, a little extra for the lungs, Celery, Garlic, Onion, Leek, other vegetables and added rice / quinoa, seaweed)

12. In between vitamins: Selenium, Zinc, Ginseng, Omega 3 fish oil, Echinacea, Cranberry, if there is no sun or fever, also take vitamin D.

13. Dessert, Rice waffle or other cracker with a tablespoon of honey, sprinkle on top, Spirulina, Maccha powders (weird combination, but very good for you)

14. Stretch out, so chill out in the sun

15. Moxa + shiatsu / acupuncture points, but also by Headache now gallbladder and liver points, especially LV3, GB 41, 40 and 39

16. Magic Healing Tea, Ginger, Lemon, Echinacea

17. Chilling in the Sun

18. Water & Baking Soda

19. Lunch, same as breakfast + vitamins (I skip the Selenium + Zinc combination because I also take Zinc in the evening) You can also prepare other meals with the different ingredients. For dessert another honey cracker, with Maca and Spirulina powders.

20. Water & Baking Soda

21. Waxine lights are usually burned out after 4 hours, so new batch with new water to evaporate

22. Body scan

23. Water & Baking Soda & Lemon & Vitamin Dissolving Tablet

24. A very short walk

25. Make dinner & eat dinner, can be even lighter than dinner, cracker, grapefruit

26. shaman drum / chanting / breast tap & beat

27. lung, stomach, spleen stretching and or Chi Kung, shaking, but also by headache now gallbladder and liver stretching

28. Glass of Water

29. Magnesium, Zinc & B6

30. meditation

31. sleep: 9 PM


23-07-2021 Day 4

More spleen complaints visible on tongue, very yellow coating on the tongue. All other complains are still there.

What differs from the standard schedule: Twinhearts Meditation (full moon)

Sleep: 7.45 PM

24-07-2021 Day 5

Certainly more spleen qi difficulties, now have diarrhea, yellow tongue coating, cold arms and feet, less appetite for food, sometimes towards nausea, so enough indications of spleen qi being under heavy pressure by the virus.

Moxa - especially on spleen meridian SP 3, SP 6, SP 9

Water & Fennel Seed , good to drink and helps Spleen energy.

What differs from the standard schedule: Chanting, tapping, drumming

Sleep: 8.15 PM

25-07-2021 Day 6,

During the day and in the morning it went pretty well, until after dinner, it hit me hard, totally exhausted. Worse when meditating, feel a lot of heat in the lungs and worried me, maybe useful to the to use the Chinese herbs, after the meditation I felt slightly better, held a long time Lung point: 5 and felt releasing.

Changed up the day a bit, here it is:

1. Flush oil 2x

2. Brush your teeth

3. Water

4. Water & Baking Soda & Lemon

5. yoga / do in

6. Breakfast, vitamins

7. Sunbathing

8. water

9. water & vitamin c & baking soda

10. Hiking

11. Cold shower, circular breathing, shaking

12. Shaman drum

13. Chi kung

14. tapping

15. Body scan

16. dinner

17. meditate & acupuncture points on long track

18. rolling pin over meridians in the legs

19. sleep: 20.00


26-07-2021 Day 7

Meditation, asked several times to the virus what it will bring, every time ‘upgrade’ comes up, to upgrade me, then when I ask what it needs for this upgrade: surrender. I do my best, but complete surrender is hard for me, but the willingness is there.

Journaling, helped me to empty my mind, although my mind was pretty calm during the whole process.
Sleep: 9.30 PM, why this late?: I was waiting for the food to come, ordered food online.

27-07-2021 Day 8

Checked my temperature and yes there was a noticeable fever in the afternoon. In the morning the temperature was around 36.5 degrees, in the evening 37.5 to 38 degrees Celcius.

Used A.Vogel, Cinuforce steam drops to open up the lungs, hopefully get rid of some of the heat there.

Sleep: 8.45 PM

28-07-2021 Day 9

Slept longer again, not because I went to bed later, just exhausted

Dinner, taste of cracker with honey & Maccha powder, I was very exhausted and needed extra power.

Sleep 8.30 PM

29-07-2021 Day 10

Just exhausted and needed to rest even more than usual, so I did 2 body scans lying down.

30-07-2021 Day 11

Every day I was keeping my schedule and wrote down everything, I’m not going to even put that in this article, but from this day on I couldn’t keep up with it all anymore. Yesterday was a great day compared to all other days, only today a relapse 🙁 still sleeping earlier and not going to sleep after stress from watching some series / film. Somehow this effects me more than normal and then you don't sleep very well and I went to sleep at 9.30 PM, after only a short meditation and also woke up in the middle of the night coughing, then fell asleep again until 9 am.



This is how far I got with the schedule. I think what helped me the most was the combination of light food, vitamins, Yoga / Chi kung, Meditation, and especially the Moxa on Spleen and Lung points.

I hope this can help anyone going through the process of being ill to Covid-19 virus, although your symptoms might be different than mine, the selfcare suggested here could still help you.


oh and don't forget to smile 😀

Love, Nick


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