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Random thoughts about the Universe

Are we the consciousness of the universe?


Here are some thoughts on the universe, the Universe is like a heart .. from black hole to big bang and back. Every time a different heartbeat. We are the heart,being aware of the universe itself


The universe is a lively being, a heart of pure love that expands and retracts itself to 1 core and again like a big bang expands. Where black holes (just like in your heart) pull things back to 1, this even happens at cell level. 

My conviction is that the universe as a whole evaluates that when fully fledged it can perceive itself through the evolution of its own parts, in this case the human being.


Within which could be reflected in even more different forms of consciousness (dreams, fantasy, archetypes, demons).

This process is repeated every time and just like a heart, this expansion radiates in frequencies where we as humans experience this as love.

Energy’s that have frequencies that go against the natural flow of harmony and balance will be automatically stripped by the system .. equilibrium.


I saw the trees grow back to the source (the sun) the universe everything wants back to the core of love in order to start life again.


I saw waves crashing across the floor where colors unfolded and where I became a part and was swallowed up in every time a new color .. the ground fully colored in the frequency that I could see at that moment. My perception and was changing and so my outer world was.


I saw auras of trees and plants, everything was connected


I saw everything enhanced, colors had an enhanced layer type of photoshop layer.


I saw and felt love everywhere. Everything was good as it was.


I felt the wind, I felt the animals on my arms as pleasant stimuli.


I felt divine, I was part of everything around me, I am also frequencies that temporarily take on this form and that we see as static considering that we experience only a certain part.


A very happy child came to me


AUOOOhmm is your own self-vibrating micro cosmos, we are the self of the universe, the ultimate ultimate evaluated component that continues to evolve into even more awareness, we also become more aware until we have included all aspects of the self, we go back to the source and begin the dance again.

Every atom has a universe. Everything wants to see and experience itself and you are needed to make this experience possible.


The aftermath

Ever since my experience with magic mushrooms my brain and my consciousness had an enhancing effect that lasted beyond the trip I had back then. What is enhanced, well it works best with nature, plants, trees, grass and flowers become more vivid when I look at them.

So how do you get this enhanced vivid reality?

First of, you could try magic mushrooms, but you don't have to. There are several ways to achieve this state of consciousness.


If we look at the great masters such as Eckhart Tolle, we can draw several important factors that can induce such an experience:

  1. calm, be calm and focus on your breathing.
  2. Focus on your body and the sensation you feel there.
  3. While beying calm set your attention outwards towards all that is happening around you with full attention.
  4. Have no judgment or labels just consider the environment as it is.
  5. See love in everything you see, as if the plants were your loved ones.
  6. Now really open your eyes and gaze onto the tree, grass and flowers; at this point you might perceive their beauty and watch how the colors are coming more vivid, do not forget to breathe deeply and take it all in.
  7. Notice the stillness of it all and notice that this stillness is also inside of you. You might feel a tingling sensation and a feeling of being alive.


Enjoy this state as often and as much as you want. Notice that if you do this more often you will not only enhance your visual perception, but also feel more emotions. This because your heart will be opening up and you are touched by love, which nature has to offer and that which is already inside of your heart, gets touched, seen and becomes alive again.



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