Eye gazing – Circling

Eye Gazing
Eye Gazing – with Circling Holland

Eye gazing or circling is a powerful way to look not just at each other but deep into once soul. Years a ago on one of my first eye gazing experiences I realized that I could perceive the others emotional status, get insights into once life just by looking in the persons eyes. Furthermore i realized that by nature I can give someone an unconditional space where all emotions, everything the person on front of me had to offer was welcome and could be there without judgement without needing to change. This way of connecting with someone else was liberating for both participants. I hope to give this to people when and where ever they need.

Heal To Become Whole – Healing Insights

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Our inner journey towards awareness, towards self love, with a Blog, Articles and a Self Help healing tool you can take what you need to get your body mind and soul to heal, become balanced and let everything shine and come alive again.

Sensual Workshops

Sensual workshops

Sensual workshops, Deep connections with yourself and the other, deep and meaningful touch, conversations and exploration of yourself and others. Eigentijdse Jongeren, which is an organisation that focuses on connecting young aware people within the Netherlands. Within the team Eigentijdse Jongeren Den Haag we provide sensual, tantric, spirtiual, dance and other ways to connect.

Passion Finding workshops

Finding your passion

Passion Finding doing something you love, to find what you truly believe in, working while expressing yourself and being yourself.

Most of us are working to get money and live a life after work, but work is more than 50% of our lives, it consumes so much of our time that it is important to do something that you love,  read more…

Shamanic breathwork

Stanislav Grof states that being in the states when breathing “we can transcend the narrow boundaries of the body ego and reclaim our full identity.” With controlled breathing, inner wisdom uses the opportunity to work toward physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, and developmental change.


Chi Kung / Qigong

Chi Kung - Nick van 't End
Chi Kung – Nick van ‘t End

Chi Kung / Qigong, many people know Kung Fu or Tai chi, both a self defense, but mainly activating the flow of chi in the body. Chi Kung can be seen as the underlying structure of Tai Chi and Kung Fu, where you activate meridians that activate the bloodflow and the flow of chi through the body. Many many health benefits are gained with this ancient practice, the healing insights give workshops on Chi Kung, standing still being fit with this meditative and mindful practice.

Passion Finding 1 on 1 Coaching

Passion finding 1 on 1

Join the personalized 3 hour coaching session specially designed for you, uncovering forgotten dreams and passions. Your passion, your road-map to a meaningful life.


Your Journey to your heart

Finding your passion

Personal leadership, naturally following your heart, unlocking your full potential. Go on an adventure get back to yourself, away from all the distractions back to what your heart is really telling you, your heart is whispering, learn to listen again come back to your own nature again. Coming Soon 2018

Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu (= finger pressure) is a preventive therapy that has been used for over 3,000 years ago in Japan and is based on the traditional Chinese medicine, like acupuncture. The core of this art revolves around Ki (= life energy) through the meridians (energy pathways that run through the body) nourishes all parts of the body.