Nick van 't End - Chi Kung, Photo by Evelien Buynsters

Shiatsu (TCM) & Holistic healing Workshops

Shiatsu and Holistic Healing workshops are given. For an authentic and loving life you need to know what is good for you. Becoming aware and coming into contact with your inner self is necessary to know what you really feel and to be able to act on this. The Shiatsu workshop series brings you deeper into your own core and you will feel what is going on inside of you.

Shiatsu is a pressure point massage of Japanese origin, based on the acupuncture of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the ancient TAO. Intended to solve long-held blockages on a physical, energetic and emotional level.

Japanese Yoga
Japanese Yoga: 'Do in': 'Do In' was an integral part of my Shiatsu training and provides stretches directly on the meridians and activates your life energy. I do this every morning and for me a wonderful start to the day.

Feeding your Demons
Learn to embrace your shadow, gain insight into your own demons and how they can be transformed into allies.

Many workshops are given for the Lotus Tribe (Gatherings), Eigentijdse Jongeren and Eigentijds Nederland where aware and spiritual people come together to grow and heal with me.

Nick - Chi Kung - Eigentijdse Jongeren zomer Festival 2018- Photo by Evelien Buynsters

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