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My Journey


My mission is to bring people to their own strength, shine and create self love. To explore and bring out the highest potential in people. By open eyes through the healing insights we gather back at the source, and towards self awareness and love. My mission is to get as many people to experience life with authenticity and love. Together, with real connections with someone else, in touch and really feel that you are appreciated, with everything you have to offer.


Personal development, inner structures and self-actualization, what makes it possible to live fully, interests me and I keep myself busy every day.

As much fun as possible and fulfilling life, were always values ​​that I had for myself when I was young. However, it was only later in life that I realized that this was only possible through greater awareness, deepened consciousness. Through increased awareness, a moment can be experienced much more and more deeply, by being complete in the moment.

By increasing your awareness you are also confronted with your own dark side, the side that you would rather not show, weaknesses, obstructing patterns and all the patterns that you learned to survive when you were young and that you still apply but that no longer serve you or even work against you.

Through Shiatsu and coaching sessions we shed light on patterns that no longer work and turn them into healthy patterns. Healthy patterns that help you express yourself, get your body back in balance and increase the awareness of all aspects of yourself.

My story

Something was wrong for a long time, but I didn't know what, physical "complaints" that were asking for attention, but I refused to listen. I looked in the mirror and saw that I was not doing well, but what could I change. I had 3 jobs 2 courses and was a born achiever with lots of endurance. Tranditional medicine did not give the answers I needed and that's when I took matters into my own hands. I did everything to make me feel better, Chi Kung, Do-In Yoga, Shiatsu, Chinese healing, mindfulness, meditation, Pranic healing, body stress release, Acupuncture and I was reading a lot about personal and spiritual development. For example, I changed my diet, realized that I had been unable to cope with alcohol for quite some time and sugar and caffeine caused literal night sweats and fainting. Clearly something went wrong!

I ended up in a burnout.

Despite all my efforts .. I was not getting anywhere, what I was actually doing is extending the status quo, I actually didn't want to change, the things that I did made me feel better, but this only made sure I had the energy to do even more.

Why keep going, for whom am I actually doing this?

I realized that I was constantly rejecting myself, while I thought, I am doing so well for myself ... wasn't I doing the work that I loved and inspired me ...

If I really took good care of myself, I would stop with pain, I would take a rest, I would call myself sick if I really wasn't able to come, I would dare to say No.

But i didn't and I kept this up until my body gave up.

My search for myself, for an existence where I would be in balance with myself fortunately brought me into contact with a medicine from the Amazon region. Ayahuasca medicine, read more about my first experience and the beautiful journey that I have experienced.

Ayahuasca is a medicine that has been used since the beginning of time by Shamans, doctors from the Amazon. The medicine gave me a lot of insights and had a healing effect on my body. Of course my body was not just healed after all those years of rejection and neglect, but the insights allowed me to complete my own healing process. The body is very intelligent and has been giving me enough signals for quite some time, but I needed a harder, bigger wake up call to really learn my lesson.

After many insights and listening to my body for the first time, my body gave me all sorts of things, different pains, but a lot of tiredness from going on continuously without any rest. In addition, a second major slap in the face came when in the same period my best friend stepped out of life. This brought me into a deep valley of fears, from which I did not come out very easily. I decided to go on a trip and take half a year away from everything!

Nick van 't End in Peru

This journey was really good for me, I realized that walking was a catalyst for gaining insight and releasing and undoing blockages in my body.

My big break

In addition to my hikes, I also went deep into the Amazon jungle. I spent 3 weeks in the Amazon to take Dietas(amazon medicinal plants) and other healing agents under the guidance of a local Shaman, including participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

This whole trip brought me a lot of insights and new spirit to put everything upside down at home. Intentions to live more with myself, really listening to my body, all the important aspects that are in line with my heart and coming from a space of self-love.

On my journey I have listed what gives me energy, such as in-depth conversations, adventure, touch, dance, personal growth, and opening other people's eyes. I started to integrate these aspects and ended up on The Healing Insights, and

Healing Insights I share with others insights and passion for healing old pains, reintegrating old forgotten parts and achieving balance., we will bring people together, in deep contact with themselves and in connections with others, embodiment of all insights and wisdom. has the intention to give you sustainable transformations. Healing by gaining insights from your body by means of Shiatsu and oriental medicine. These insights are used to change your life and not just physical aspects but with, coaching and physical psychotherapy change the whole spectrum within oneself.

"The greatest purpose in life is to be open up eyes, to be in full awareness of yourself and or others, to shine, connect and truly live from a place of love."
-Nick van 't End


When will you visit me?

You come to me if you take responsibility for your life, dare to look at yourself in the mirror with everything you get to see and are willing to grow and want to take the steps to get there. I help you gain insights and answers, help you take further steps towards healing so that you walk the right path to more awareness, energy, balance, full life and life based on authenticity. I provide a safe space for you and your vulnerability to facilitate for core wound healing and child trauma's to transform to love and acceptance.

Do you experience physical tension and would you like to be aware of what the cause is?
Are you stuck and looking for answers for healing?
Do you experience that unconscious blockades / beliefs inhibit you in developing yourself?
Are you stuck in life, and you no longer know what course you have to take?
Do you experience an abundance of choice and you do not know which choices are the right ones for you?
Do you experience that things do not go so well in your life, as you would like?
Would you like to stop obstructing habits and addictions?
Do you want to live your life from your feelings, from your heart and not from your head?
Do you like to live with more self-esteem, self-love and do you want to live from authenticity?
Do you long for more satisfaction, meaning and purpose in your work?
Do you want insights for healing and a new perspective on your own life?
Do you need a more permanent release in your body and the free flow of energy?
I am the coach who helps you to get back in touch with yourself, your feeling. Through which you can walk your own path in the here and now. You have a clear view of what your body has to say and you can then take steps tailored to your body, to yourself.

During my coaching trajectories I help you to make this path concrete.

I work with Eastern Medicine, meridians from Acupuncture and Shiatsu to achieve the desired insights. I work with Shamanistic breath work and other holistic energetic healing practices to transform and heal the core wounds.

During a coaching process your body is taken as a guideline, if possible we will immediately release blockages in your body, if this does not want to be released immediately, we will dig deeper in various ways.

It is my mission to enable people to grow and open their eyes, to give them the opportunity to shine again, to be exactly what they are by nature.

Do you want to know more or do you want to know if I am the right person for the help you need? Request a free call, or book a introductory healing session for one half hour.

You can call me on 0031623186888 or contact via email:


Sacred Journey - Year training:  Soul Coach. (Focusing, Soul Retrieval, Core wound healing, Shamanic Breathwork, Voice release, Demonic/ Shadow work)

NSKS Shiatsu - Dutch school for classical shiatsu

UNLP - Albrecht Mahr - Experiencing the spiritual essence of systemic constellation work - Family constellations.

MCKS Basic Pranic Healing Course®

University of Leiden - Master of Science - Media Technology

Saxion Hogescholen - Business Informatics

With extensive knowledge of personality profiles, Shiatsu / Eastern medicine, Chi Kung, Do-In Yoga, Pranic Healing / Reiki, body / mind body awareness, meditation, Ayahuasca and shamanism.

Learned methods & self research

David Allen - getting things done

Richard Koch - The 80-20 principle

Chester L Karrass - Effective Negotiating

Harvard Negotiation Course

Master Choa Kok Sui - Twin Hearts Mediation

Shamanic Breathing method

More than 15 audiobooks about Buddism from the Dalai Lama, Jack Kornfield, Gill Fronsdal Dharma and others.



In addition to coaching, shiatsu, passion finding and tantra, I work as a teacher at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague where I have been working for over 6 years now and as a teacher at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda, Communication Multimedia Design, where I teach Transmedia, Immersive Storytelling and 2D design. In addition I worked for 5 years at the Haagse Hogeschool as a teacher for Communication Multimedia Design where I am currently mainly active as a Freelancer in the game minor. Especially at the art academy I take care of a lot of personal development and I try to get the artist of the student to come into the light, in a pursuit for the student to be able to shine and know better where he stands. Together with the student I search for his or her core qualities by using a self-developed toolbox with all kinds of self-actualization methods. We then use these insights as the basis for an art project for social change, social engineering.

My interests are mainly about coming to the core of someone, unlocking this and making it shine. I think the best thing you can achieve is to open someone else's eyes and together we as a whole society are taking a step forward.

In my practice I make deep connections and get to the core quickly, becoming aware of the most important sources and patterns that stop you from living fully. By going directly to the source of a problem and gaining more awareness and insight, you will recognize and realize when the patterns are reoccurring and can make a different choice. I will be a mirror for you and shed light on the things that are difficult for you to see. By being completely honest and open and daring to look at yourself in a safe environment, these insights can be converted into new and healthy patterns that resolve blockages and renew your life energy.

Live your full potential and experience life from a place of love and authenticity.

I hope to meet you!


Your inner child, more than just an idea

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