shiatsu healing workshop
Holistic Healing Workshops

The body can be a very beautiful mirror ... if only we learn to listen. That sounds simple, but practice shows that many people do not learn to listen to their own body from an early age. After years of self-rejection, different blockages can arise in your body at all levels ...
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De belichaming
De Belichaming -
Een weg naar jezelf

Making conscious the connections with ourselves and the other. During the 6 workshops we provide a pleasant structure with low-threshold exercises, such as meditations, dance, reflection, intimacy (with yourself and others), eye contact, playfulness, Read more ...

Nature wandelcoaching groep sessies
Walking coaching group sessions (FREE)

Walking is really my passion, if you ask me what I could offer for free it is walking coaching. By walking, energy and blockages can be moved and lifted in your body. In groups we go for a nice walk together! By walking you create space for your own inner silence and insights emerge. By also doing meditations together with someone else and listening to each other, all sorts of things can transform. There will be things shared, but there will also be a lot of walking in silence. This process can offer you a lot of insights, and it is healthy too! In the group you can feel heard and supported and that helps with the process of healing. In addition, nature provides fresh air, grounding and rest for your body and soul. Walking on request! (preferably in good weather :-)) Email me:

Passion Finding workshop

Passion Finding Workshops

Living from your passion, finding what you truly believe in, working is an expression of yourself, you can be completely yourself, contribute purposefully and meaningfully to the world. What would it be like if you had abundance of energy at the end of the day, in fact you radiate because you live and act in accordance with your own self, working from great enthusiasm. See our website Passion Finding for our workshops and seminars Read more..

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Voluntary work

Gewijde Reis -
Space holder 

Lovingly guiding people to the depths of the soul. Support people to (re) find their essence and to bring it into life. " Read more on the website of the Sacred Voyage ...

Nature Quest

Kampvuursessies Leiden -
Organiser / Space Holder 

Giving space to what is combining shamanism and 21th century urban environment and people to come together and share what's on their hearts. With camp fire and a talking still a safe and open environment a lot of transformation and healing can occur. Initiated by Nature Quest organisation, see more on their website.

Eigentijds Nederland & Eigentijdse Jongeren -
Workshop giver / facilitator

Giving holistic healing workshops, such as Shiatsu massage workshops, Chi Kung workshops and helping out with spiritual /conscious awareness workshops at 'Eigentijdse Jongeren' & 'Eigentijds Nederland'.

Eigentijdse Jongeren, which is an organisation that focuses on connecting young aware people within the Netherlands. Within the team Eigentijds Nederland, which also bring conscious people together and connect deeply for all ages within the Netherlands.

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