shiatsu healing workshop
Holistic Healing Workshops
The body can be a very beautiful mirror ... if only we learn to listen. That sounds simple, but practice shows that many people do not learn to listen to their own body from an early age. After years of self-rejection, different blockages can arise in your body at all levels ...
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Chi Kung Dance!

Within Chi Kung there are postures, subtle movements, breathing and meditation techniques to keep the body healthy and in tune with nature, the flow of life, the TAO.

TAO of DAO is the natural order of the universe and nature; And so within the practice, with your own nature, the universe, you are retraining yourself to realign with your true self.

Many people know Tai Chi and Kung Fu, even more subtle movements you get Chi Kung. It can be seen as a mediation. Chi Kung can be seen as the root of Tai Chi and Kung Fu, within Chi Kung you stand as a tree. Chi Kung has several forms in which meridian stretches for self-healing are invoked. Chi Kung works like the TCM with the Chinese 5 Elements. Tai Chi & Chi & Kung are very beautiful movements in their own right that can be compared to dance. The combination with dance is therefore complementary and an addition to follow the movements of your body even more and therefore give the right nutrition that the body needs.

Learn a playful dance where you open meridians energy channels during the dance and heal your body at the same time!


Come and play, dance and stimulate your own health at the Chi Kung Dance Workshops!

Do you have a retreat, festival or training that could use such a floor, please email me at: Or call me at: 0623186888

Passion Finding workshop
Feeding your Demons Workshops

'The wound is the place where the light enters you' ~Rumi

Learn to embrace your shadow, gain insight into your own demons and how they can be transformed into allies.

Do you have a retreat, festival or training that could use such a floor, please email me at:  Or call me at: 0623186888


Voluntary work

Gewijde Reis -
Space holder 

Lovingly guiding people to the depths of the soul. Support people to (re) find their essence and to bring it into life. " Read more on the website of the Sacred Voyage ...

Nature Quest

Kampvuursessies Leiden -
Organiser / Space Holder 

Giving space to what is combining shamanism and 21th century urban environment and people to come together and share what's on their hearts. With camp fire and a talking still a safe and open environment a lot of transformation and healing can occur. Initiated by Nature Quest organisation, see more on their website.

Lotus Tribe & Other Gatherings
Workshop giver / facilitator

Giving holistic healing workshops, such as Shiatsu massage workshops, Chi Kung workshops and helping out with spiritual /conscious awareness workshops at, 'Eigentijdse Jongeren' & 'Eigentijds Nederland'.

Eigentijdse Jongeren, which is an organisation that focuses on connecting young aware people within the Netherlands. Within the team Eigentijds Nederland, which also bring conscious people together and connect deeply for all ages within the Netherlands.

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