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Welcome to the online self help healing blog

In short, this tool is all about empowering you, helping and supporting you in your own personal development and healing for a life of self love and authenticity!

We are the bridge between the spiritual world and the scientific world. Translations from and to practically usable awareness enhancement for increased quality of life and the life of others. Thereby contributing to the evolving of consciousness of man as a whole.

This is a gathering of all the self help healing methods I found online and helped me on my journey. I hope these might help you as well to inspire you towards a life of greatness! Many people have taken the personal development path and struggled, they encountered obstacles which where hard to overcome, with this self help gathering of tools we would like to provide you with the tools and techniques to prevail and support you on this journey.

I think that if you are on this page, that means you know why you want to heal and change your life for the better. Please help out en leave a comment or redirect someone to these healing blogs and video's.

Rituals: for self healing

"Calmness of mind is one of the most beautiful jewels of life" ~Bob Proctor

Want to conquer your burnout, want to improve your health, do feeling dull and without energy? The weekly schedule and rituals I implemented for myself is a complete lifestyle change to alter food intake, sleep, computer and screen usage, leisure time. This improved so much my body and mind and quality of life.

With all these rituals and daily or weekly or even monthly activities, you need discipline, without discipline you will probably fall back in your old habits of self destructive behavior. Powerful tools to make small as well as big steps towards your healing process.

"The biggest problem is not how to begin, but how to keep on going."


Personality, job, color test

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meditation, mindfulness

Meditation & Mindfulness

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keep a journal

Keep a daily or weekly journal

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Ted Talks

Check out the masters, get inspired

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My Spiritual Path

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being thankful

Being Thankful

Being thankful- everyday -stay or come into your heart space- Being grateful and thankful every day helps you get in ...
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Shadow Work

Shadow Work "the wound is where the light enters you" - Rumi Check out this nicely explained video about what ...
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Ways to release stress from your Nervous System (Anxiety & Parasympathetic Response)

Ways to release stress from your Nervous System (Anxiety & Parasympathetic Response) -reduce stress and let your energy flow- Our ...
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Check out the masters, the Books by Ed Nissink

I will try to keep adding to this list and keep it growing, please if you like the short impact ...
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