Being Thankful

being thankful

Being thankful- everyday

-stay or come into your heart space-

Being grateful and thankful every day helps you get in touch with your heart. Helps you ease the pain and suffering and even helps you live longer. When you are grateful you produce the hormone Oxytocin, which is also activated in social bonding and the feeling of being connected to other and the world around you. Oxytocin helps to lower and reduce other stress hormones and is therefor very beneficial to your health and mental state.

For me to get in to this state I programmed myself to being thankful to my food, a little bit like a prayer, but in this case I do not pray to God. I am thankful to and give thanks to the people I am eating together with, the people that produced my food, including mother Earth. Also I am energizing my food with my hands imagining brilliant white light to cleanse and give love to all cells within the food. You could expand this and also do this while cooling your meal, you think of all the people you are making the dinner for and what qualities you admire in them, what you are thankful for and appreciate about them. You can check in how the day was so far and be thankful for all the nice things that happened to you.

In the end do not forget the most important aspect, thanking yourself and all the thinks you are bringing into this world.


Look at this inspirational video for being thankful in your life:

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