Ways to release stress from your Nervous System (Anxiety & Parasympathetic Response)

reduce stress

Ways to release stress from your Nervous System (Anxiety & Parasympathetic Response)

-reduce stress and let your energy flow-

Our nervous system has two parts the sympathetic, this part is for activating, alerting or in acute stress anxiety, this part is for the flight, fright or freeze response. The other part is the Parasympathetic part, this part is for calming, relaxing, restoring you.
This article provides multiple ways to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system in order to manage anxiety, reduce stress and to release the tension that are blocking you from energy flow to get your own power back and restore to balance and peace.

To reduce stress, discharge the nervous system and getting your own power back. The following techniques can help you come from your sympathetic nervous system to your parasympathetic nervous system.


Have your own wellness day and choose the following

Giving permission to yourself to release all energies from others and all old energies that do not serve you anymore.

01. Meditation

  • Bodyscan
  • Move from thinking stream to becoming aware of the present moment

02. Breathing

  • Breath 3 seconds in and 6 seconds out
  • Deep belly breathing
  • Pranayama Yogi breathing
  • Breathing and visualization to get into your heart space
  • Go from a space of 'I must' to a space of 'I want' or 'I may'



03. Calming music, frequency sounds

  • Singing / mantra's
  • Shouting / focus on emotions and give them space
  • Vibrating lips, brisk like a horse

Therapeutic: Ohmpunture & Sound baths

04. Nature - Earthing / Grounding

  • Walking in nature, waling bare feet
  • Camping
  • Climbing a mountain
  • Lay in the sun
  • Swim in the ocean, sea, lake
  • Sports - running - horse riding

05. Stretching & opening meridians

06. Mono tasking

Focus on one task only, multitasking doesn't exist that is only quickly switching from one task to the next.

Stop distractions, turn off notifications of put your phone on flight mode or on silent.

07. Writing your head empty with Morning pages

08. Digital Detox - no more social media or other input for a day or longer

  • Know how much time you spend on your phone and reduce this.
  • Install Workrave on PC for micro breaks
  • Install Stay Free on android for logging screen time and adjusting accordingly

09. Being creative, create something

  • baking & cooking
  • making music
  • playing instrument

10. Massage & Wellness

  • Day to the Sauna
  • Taking cold Shower
  • Warm feet bath (gets energy down to your feet)

11. Hugging & Social contact

  • emotional space and being seen and making space for yourself
  • playful contact
  • laughter


12. Create a shield or golden egg with Visualization

Visualization: for example seeing a cord going from your base (root /tailbone and feet) towards the center of the earth and connecting tot he core of the earth. Then inhaling the earths energies up towards your belly and after some breath towards your heart. Then visualizing a cord going from your crown towards the center of the universe, there might be no center, but just imaging it going up to source energy. Then connecting to that energy and also inhaling this towards your heart. In your heart you can connect both the energies from the earth and source energy from above. You can visualize that your heart is glowing more and more with a brilliant white or golden light. See this light expanding and expanding, becoming as big as it would be covering your whole body, maybe even further. This Egg that you are in is now your shield and protection for the rest of the day. You can enhance this shield or egg around you by moving your hands around you in a circle, as displayed below.
This could also increase the Vertical energy body alignment (yin minus and yang plus)

If things are reoccurring and you are in stress easily, therapy could help to get in touch with yourself, your shadow sides and to create safety within. Within this safety energy can flow freely and you can empower yourself more easily.


In order to release / relax you need to be in a safe trusted space.

So what aspects could give you this feeling of safety and trust?


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