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This book series is from the writer and psychologist Ed Nissink
Ed Nissink (1960) is a writer of books on communication, body language and behaviour.


"Het is voor je eigen bestwil" Ed Nissink.

ISBN-10 - 9020260286


My impactful quotes and or translation of impactful quotes from this book.

Jealousy ==> hidden need to be appreciated ==> because of too little self-esteem

Research the secondary gains in keeping the problems like obesity, flu, etc in case of obesity, are you trying to keep the bad image about yourself ??

Make clear agreements with your child and be consistent in this, agree that you give the child the attention for a moment and that you then have a conversation with your visitors, if the child still asks for attention then ignore it .. otherwise you give him or her her attention, everything to the child is attention.

I translated these clear agreements also towards you inner child, these inner child aspects need to know when it's time to play or when its time to be serious.

Attention = reward .. even if it is negative attention

Ignore = punishment

If children do not want to eat, let them, and just serve them the next day, this can take up to 3 days.

Aikodo way of dealing with negative emotions / situations
Mentally: 1. look in your life where you are not satisfied, where you have no harmony; make a list of these and find out what is the most annoying you.

2. Write down what you have chosen and describe the emotion you would rather not have and the situation it came in, go back to a recent situation in your mind, relive the situation, feel, hear, see everything that happened , get inside yourself when this situation arose.

3. If you have lived through everything again, you will do it again, but now with harmony as the highest pursuit, as the situation actually was not, but now where all words and movements lead to harmony.

Move with the pronunciation / attitude, gain control over the situation and bend and strengthen the movement energy of the other

Someone says you are ugly, yes really they should put my head in a bag.
You are in a depression .. bend it and strengthen, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you are so sad and that life has no meaning.

When you suppress the fever with all kinds of means, the fever does indeed go away, but the fever is there because our self-healing capacity body uses it to destroy the germs, by suppressing the fever we reduce the self-healing process and hinder the healing through the natural To suppress medicine, you must embrace the fever, just like your enemies



"Je ouders op je schouders" Ed Nissink.

EAN: 9789020260366
ISBN-10 : 9020260367
ISBN-13 : 978-9020260366

My impactful quotes and or translation of impactful quotes from this book.

"Always wanting to be right, because if the other is wrong, you can say to yourself: you see, it is not my fault, escape the search for disapproval of you, your body, your personality and your existence. "I have the right to be there." However, you can only grant that right to yourself, yet people are constantly looking for that right in others.

"Care syndrome, is help that is not asked for.
You think that the other person can't think, decide, worry, for themselves. That's why a care syndrome addict will do it for you, because my thoughts are better than yours. It hurts me to see how you live, because it doesn't line up with my ideas and beliefs about life. Help me get rid of that pain by doing what I say because I get scared when my beliefs turn out to be wrong. Let me help you because that's how I help myself, because I have a gigantic inferiority complex."

It is programmed in the human instinct that being in groups increases your chances of survival, this will induce the fear of being alone.

Investigate what motivations and aspects or old survival strategies that make us decide to live as we do right now. Researching how we perpetuate our problems, what is my part in perpetuating my problem?
Investigate all norms, values, ideas and beliefs, which are your own and which are taken over from others, reject that which no longer serves you! Take a closer look.
Bitch / bastard, unfinished fight with parents, the puppy, the pleaser, fear of judgment, the controller, helplessness, perfectionist, fear of criticism (by the grandparents of the parents).
You are not taken seriously by parents, statements which indicate that you have nothing to say can lead to a lifelong urge to excel and perfectionism, or the other way to a low sense of self, fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, these people often make stupid mistakes, by saying to themselves' you don't know anything yet'

Talk about guilt, try to celebrate Christmas alone at home.

"Geen poot om op te staan - wijze lessen van een anti-meester" Ed Nissink

book by Ed Nissink

ISBN-10 - 9020283413
SBN-13 - 978-9020283419

As long as you don't let her fully into your heart nothing will happen, how can she feel your love if you don't open up

Do not fill in / invent motives for other people.

There is only 1 person on earth who determines your self-esteem, if you let others do that you let yourself bounce back and forth like a ball and the other determines how you feel, what you are worth and how you will behave. This gives the other a lot of power over you, you are the one who gives permission to others to exercise this power over you.

Have a preference for someone but not being dependent, if the other chooses not to want to be with you for a while you won't be completely tangled up and messed up by this.

Cooking: put love in it, think about the people you cook it for,nthink about them and you want them to be happy, also think about yourself the most important person.

You can always determine your own mood as soon as you find your own opinion more important than the opinion of another.

Planning is ok, but you don't have to worry all the time whether these plans will work out or not. It is important to what extent you react to it and let your mood and life be influenced by the circumstances and what people do or say.

Underlying reason of addiction, the means are all the same: this is: emptiness, lack, feeling of shortage, a void that must be filled, otherwise you are not complete, the wall you don't have to push against.
Making contact with the multiple parts of yourself, for me that is are inner knights sitting a a knight's table:
Light Knight 1: stronger go-getter - Opposite Dark - Knight: weak handicapped knight.
Light Knight 2: creative knight - Opposite Dark Knight: old knight
Light Knight 3: talkative knight - Opposite Dark Knight: fearful knight
Let your own inner knights or demons or spirits dance together.


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