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Many Masters, Guru's and great teachers have mastered their lives, gone through rough lives and learned, now you can learn from their mistakes. Get Inspired.

TED Talks, books, youtube channels, documentaries all there for you to learn!

I asked people to add to the list of inspirators, what was really an eye opener to them, here is a list of the masters that inspired myself and others.

YouTube channels such as that of Teal Swan shed light on and give insights for creating a shift towards the next level of consciousness.


List of masters and books that helped me a lot

(Audio)books of the Daila Lama, you don't have to be and also you don't have to become a Buddhist, his talks are just logic and work well for the ones that are just starting their journey.

Eckhart Tolle, his (audio)book  ''A new earth" helps a lot in recognizing the Ego, one of the first steps towards enlightenment.

Tim Ferriss, Book: "Four hour working week", get out of the matrix and realize what is important in your life.

Dr Wayne Dyer,  His earlier books are speaking more to the mind, later he really goes deep into the spiritual.

Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz, Books: "The Four Agreements", "The Voice of Knowlegde", The Mastery of Love" & "The Fifth Agreement" are all helping to getting into alignment with yourself.

Lars Faber, books: "The SacredVoyage", "de Heldenreis", "Leef groots. NU", very deep and profound description of the hero's journey and the use of psychedelics.

Julia Cameron, book: "the Artist Way", Get back in touch with your inner artist, give space to your creative self.

Tsultrim Allione, Book: "Feeding your Demons", profound way of healing yourself and others.


Ted Talk - get inspired





If you know any good ones please put them in the comment section!

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